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Naturopath Chatswood Neil Frederiksen Chatswood Naturopath, Homeopath Chatswood, Nutritionist Chatswood, Herbalist Chatswood, Iridologist chatswood, Corrective Exercise Therapy Chatswood, Massage Chatswood, Remedial Massage Therapist ChatswoodNeil Frederiksen N.D., D.B.M., D.Hom., D.Nut., D.Rem. Ther. M.A.H.A., M.A.R.O.H., M.A.T.M.S.

Clinic founder and principal Neil Frederiksen Naturopath Chatswood is a well known Sydney Naturopath, Homeopath, (Homoeopath), Herbalist, Nutritionist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Health Practitioner now in his 26th year of practice. He is a former Vice President of The N.S.W. Branch of The Australian Federation of Homeopaths, now known as The Australian Homeopathic Association. Previously, he taught Homeopathy (Homoeopathy) at Nature Care College in Sydney. He has also studied drug and alcohol use. Neil has been a voluntary helper with The Cancer Information Support Society in Sydney. He does continuing education and regularly updates his skills. He is passionate about helping people overcome their health problems and reach their optimal level of health. He is very approachable and is happy to discuss your particular condition or health goals. Call him on (02) 9415 2333.

Diploma of Naturopathy (N.D.)
Diploma of Homeopathy (D.Hom.)
Diploma of Nutrition (D.Nut.)
Diploma of Herbal Medicine (Botanical Medicine) (D.B.M.)
Diploma of Remedial Therapies (D.Rem. Ther.)
Reiki II

Professional Associations
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Australian Homeopathic Association
The Australian Register of Homeopaths

Location Map for Chatswood Natural Therapy Centre, the Natural Therapy Specialists of Chatswood Sydney NSW AustraliaChatswood Natural
Therapy Centre
Suite 202, Level 2,
3 - 9 Spring St, Chatswood 2067 Sydney
NSW Australia
Phone: (02) 9415 2333
Mobile: 0419 415 233

Use the LIFT located in the LEFT REAR CORNER of the building to LEVEL 2 for Chatswood Natural Therapy Centre

Location Map for Curl Curl Clinic, the Natural Therapy Specialist of The Northern Beaches Sydney NSW AustraliaNorth Curl Curl
24 Surf Road North Curl Curl Sydney 2099 NSW Australia
Phone: (02) 9938 5959

Neil's Clinic Hours
Monday & Wednesday   10:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday & Thursday        9:00am - 6:00pm
Friday                             9:00am - 1:00pm
Saturday                         8:00am - 2:00pm

"I had a severe digestive complaint, which required hospitalization and medication. Neil has helped me to work through the causes of my illness, and with the use of homeopathic remedies. I have now gone over 3 years without taking ANYTHING! This being after I had been told that I would be on preventative medication for the rest of my life. Now I enjoy and feel my full health, wellness and vitality once again. He has my unreserved recommendation".
Mark A. Lindfield Sydney.

"Neil is a thorough, perceptive and highly professional practitioner who has helped me unravel complex issues underlying my bouts of depression and grief. His method of working with the physical and emotional aspects of the condition make his method extremely effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Neil to anyone wishing to seek a drug-free alternative to any problem they are experiencing".
Cassie Five Dock Sydney.

"Originally I thought I could deal with all the problems in my life as no-one could know me better.I was so wrong! My life and my relationships were on a downward spiral. Neil has amazing insight which he centres not only on my problems but also on my whole health, and he was not judgemental. He has given me the tools to recognise triggers that I had created. I am no longer afraid to be the person I always thought I could be, Thanks to Neil".
N.C. Lindfield Sydney.

"After seeing 4 doctors (G.P's) and 2 ear nose throat (E.N.T.) specialists who all said my 2 year old son needed grommets and behavioural treatment, thank goodness, I finally was recommended to Neil Frederiksen, a naturopath in Chatswood who had a different opinion. 18 months on, my son has not had any more ear infections and now he isn't climbing the walls. You have saved my sanity. I'm spreading the word".
Jane W. Chatswood Sydney NSW.

"I was on notice and about to loose my job, I had run out of sick leave. My health had been poor for all my life.My doctor and specialist were at a lose so he suggested I think about seeing this naturopath he had referred many other patients to who got good results. I've never looked back. Now 9 months later, with full health, I have just been promoted at work. Now I can see why my doctor has referred so many patients to Neil".
Lisa A.  North Sydney NSW.

"No one understood me until I met Neil. I've lost count of how many doctors, specialists and other practitioners I have seen about my health problems, which were being even made worse by them. I thought I was going insane. I went to the internet in desperation and typed in naturopath chatswood, thank God I did. I now can see light at the end of the tunnel, my health is slowly returning. Neil is one of the few true healers".
James E. Ryde Sydney.

"Previously I had seen many different practitioners about my chronic illness which was getting worse. I was loosing my health. Neil not only helped me regain my full health but showed me how to maintain my health and vitality. I am so glad and thankful I took my friends recommendation to have treatment from Neil".
John D. Chatswood Sydney.

"After visiting numerous doctors and three specialists (I'm still kicking myself for wasting the time and money) all with no success, finally I decided to visit a naturopath who hepled. I saw Chatswood Naturopath Neil Frederiksen. Neil was the only practitioner who investigated the cause of my symptoms. I now have my health again".
Sue G. Dee Why Northern Beaches Sydney.

"I was a doctors worst nightmare and an open bank cheque for them till I met Chatswood Naturopath Neil Frederiksen. I felt sorry for medicare and taxpayers who were paying for my medical treatments. I was going nowhere fast. I now can enjoy my family, friends and life with full health and vigour. Thank you Mr Frederiksen".
Helen C. St Leonards Sydney.

"I finally found a practitioner not only who listens but understands my weird symptoms, I've had for many years. Look out Neil, I will be sending all my family and friends to you".
Ian N. Avalon Sydney.

"I've had poor relationships as long as I can remember. My family separated when I was 5 years old. I felt very alone and did'nt know who to turn to, not having a partner or any close friends. I last spoke to one of my family members about 12 years ago. Neil has helped me work through my parents painful devorce. I have now established a good relationship with my mum, dad and his wife, my brother and sister. I now have a few close friends and going out on my first date next weekend. Thanks to Neil, now I trust life and people again. My tears are now for joy and happiness".
Jo R. CBD Sydney NSW.

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To make an appointment or to speak with one of our practitioners about your particular health requirements, call our clinics at Chatswood or North Curl Curl on (02) 9415 2333.

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